Our Media Page!

Below you will find links to our Live Webcast, video and audio sermons, worship bulletins, newsletters, an activity calendar and much more. 

Live Webcast

Join us for worship from anywhere in the world! The live webcast of our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:50am Eastern Time. Other special services will also be webcast live.  

Radio Simulcast 

If you are in the area but unable to attend church, you can listen to our service at 11:00 AM by tuning your radio to STAR 95.9 FM with an alternate station on 97.7 FM. Once you arrive at your destination, let us know you were listening. Please email us at and let us know the radio broadcast was a blessing! 


Enjoyed this week's sermon? Miss the children's play or the choir's cantata? Watch it again, download it, or better yet, share it with your friends! Please feel free to browse and view any of our videos. Use the heart in the upper right corner of the video screen to let us know you enjoyed the video you watched.   

FUMC Worship Bulletins 

Keep track of important meetings, special events, and prayer requests by viewing the current Sunday worship bulletin. You can also view the bulletins for the past month. The current week's bulletin is usually available by Saturday morning, the day before worship. If you are watching the service via the Live Webcast, you can follow the service by using the worship bulletin. A prayer list of names is also printed in the bulletin each week. To have a name listed in the bulletin, visit our Prayer Chain page for details. 

'The Remarker'

Our bi-monthly newsletter, The Remarker, has become an electronic newsletter. First printed in September of 1969, The Remarker provides information on current ministries, developments from within the church as well as what we are doing in the community. If you know someone that still requires a printed copy of The Remarker, please contact the church office. Use the graphic link to view the current issue of our newsletter. An archive of The Remarker can be found here.

Activity Calendar 

Our activity calendar shows activities for each day of the month. Although it may look very busy, it also shows we are very active. It is rare that activities don't fill a calendar day. When was that deadline for bulletin information? The calendar will provide much information concerning what is going on and what needs to be done. Use the graphic link to go to this month's calendar and then you may navigate forward or backward in time.  

Church App 

The app contains our most up-to-date information about church events, ways to connect with our ministries, and the occasional fun survey or poll. You can use the app to give your tithes and offerings or to contact church staff. You will also be able to set up notifications for event cancellations and urgent prayer requests. Download a copy of the FUMC Princeton app today and even share it with friends!



Social Networks

Visit our other sites to learn more, see more and get more. 'Like' our Facebook page to get the latest news and updates on everything involving First United Methodist Church. We enjoy staying connected.  


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