Thread Loving Crafters (TLC)

Using our gifts for others.

Our Mission

The mission of the Princeton FUMC TLC is to create quilted, sewn, crocheted, or knitted items for the needy or those that need special ministering.

First Hats

TLC has knitted thousands of baby hats for newborns. These have been distributed to hospitals throughout the state. Hats and scarves have also been made for local elementary children and distributed through the Feeding Hungry Children ministry.

Prayer Shawls

Many prayer shawls have been given to people who need comfort.

Quilt of Valor

TLC provides quilts that are presented to those in our church that have faithfully served our country. This is a national program that presents quilts to our veterans for honor and comfort.

Thread Loving Crafters provide many other items that are sewn, crocheted, knitted, tied and weaved to help those in need. Our passion has been passed on to others who have found ways to use their hands to provided warmth and comfort. To learn more, visit our Facebook page.