VBS 2020

A Virtual VBS Experience
July 19-22, 2020


Come FOCUS with us on things we can and cannot see and experience God (and VBS) in a whole new way!


Through science, we will experience God through Seeing, Hearing, Talking, Praying, and Living. We will learn to take a Closer Look and to see the world in a different light.


Pull out your computer, throw on a lab coat, and join us for an exciting look at how incredible our God is and how He shows us He is with us every day.


If you would like to join us on this online journey of discovery, please contact the church office by email or phone to register. Please let us know which email address we can use to reach you and how many children will be participating. If you have already received the registration email and have responded, you do not need to contact us again.


Church Phone: 304-425-2283 (9:00am -3:00pm)

Church Email: fumcprinceton@gmail.com


Craft bags will be available before VBS for you to pick up. We will send out an email with the date and time to those who register. If you are unable to make it to the church to pick up a craft bag, we will post the crafts on this VBS webpage with material list and instructions.


We look forward to FOCUSing on God with you July 19th through the 22nd!

Hi All!


Thanks for joining us this week on our journey to FOCUS on God. Below is a list of items you will need to help your child(ren) complete their crafts this week. These are common items most people have in their homes. If for any reason you do not have one or more of the items and cannot get them, please call or email the church. We will be glad to make sure you have everything your child needs to make these crafts successful.


Materials you will need:
Tape (regular tape and, if possible, packing or duct tape)
Crayons, Marker, Colored pencils (just need 1 of these to us for coloring)
Glue (school glue – stick or bottle will work)


Craft bags may be picked up at FUMC Princeton during business hours Wednesday (July 15) and Thursday (July 16). If you cannot make it to the church during these hours, please call or email the church office and we will contact you about setting up a time to meet.


You may notice that your craft instructions read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 5. Due to the preprinted nature of these sheets we were unable to change the numbers. Day 5 sheet is to be used for Day 4 as we are only doing 4 days this year. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.


Copies of each craft’s instructions and all accompanying sheets can be found on this page in case you need a copy.


Thanks for helping us make this virtual VBS a huge success!


Day 3 Printable Resources


Day 3 Craft Instructions pdf


Day 4 Printable Resources


Day 4 Craft Instructions pdf

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