Greetings Everyone,

The Relaunch Team consisting of David Graham, Roger Topping, Betty Farley, Barbara Ballard, Brandon Roland, Martha Cook, and Larry Cook met with me Tuesday evening and reviewing our previous decision to halt in-person worship through January 10. We spent our time reviewing statistics and data from the Mercer County Health Department.

After careful consideration have decided to re-start in-person worship Sunday, January 24, 2021. This gives us a window of time following the holiday gatherings to continue to monitor the infection rate, potential of exposure in a small group, and the progress toward vaccine distribution. At the heart of our decision is the hope that we can do our best to reduce the potential risk of exposure for each of you and our church family.

What does this mean for our worship and programs? All in-person worship, children, youth, and bible study will resume. Dates for program restart will be shared this coming Sunday. Please listen for those announcements. We will continue our livestream and radio broadcasts of all services. This is a ministry we’ve been providing for many years. We do appreciate Rick Dooley, Larry Cook, and the rest of media team for putting together the video presentations during the holy season of Advent and Christmas. We are blessed by their willingness to offer their gifts and talents in this ministry.

Our worship leaders, directors of music ministry (Lori and Steve Comer), musicians, and vocalists who provided inspiring music for our worship and helped us to produce seamless worship experiences that were meaningful and inspirational during this high season of the church. Blessings to everyone who gave of their time and talents.

As your pastor, I extend my appreciation to the Relaunch Team as they have worked with me to make some very difficult decisions. It is our hope that you will pray for your church and leaders as we move toward the restart date. The safe practices remain in effect. Masks, physical distancing, no contact, and sanitizing stations, are expected. Also, please remember to not congregate with groups in the “gathering place” or parking lot once the worship experience concludes.
We need your continued support, love, prayers, and encouragement as we move forward in a hope-filled time for our church. We will continue to persevere and move beyond this time of the global pandemic.
May God bless us and keep us in the shelter of His love, grace, and mercy. 

Pastor Tom