Scott Sears

Full name:

Gregory Scott Sears


What you prefer to be called:

Scott or Pastor Scott


Job Title:



When did you start at First UMC:

July 1, 2012


What are the main things you do at FUMC:

As the only pastor on staff, I am focused primarily on being the chief vision caster for the congregation – which means I have to listen a lot to both God and the people of this congregation to figure out where God is leading us next. I preach almost every week, however, I love to allow others to fill pulpit when they show the gifts necessary to do so.  I provide pastoral care as needed to both active and inactive members. I involve myself in the community as much as possible – in fact, I try to do this first among my duties because my expectation is that every member of the congregation would do the same! I care for staff members as both pastor and supervisor but allow our Staff Parish Relations Committee to do as much of the oversight of staff as possible. I’m also handy at fixing broken toilets, replacing dishwashers and doing minor electrical work!


Who are the key volunteers that you work with on a regular basis:



Tell us about your family:

Pam and I have been married for 25 years and have three daughters (one mine, two ours) and five grand-children. My oldest, Leslie, is married and lives in Canton, OH with her husband, TJ, and their five children. Our oldest, Erin, is a senior at Marshall University and will graduate in May of 2018 with a degree in Vocal Performance. Erin is also a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church and will attend seminary next Fall. Our youngest, Allie, is a sophomore at Concord University and is majoring in Political Science. Allie lives on campus at Concord and is quite involved in her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, as well as the local UM Campus ministry, Vine and Branches. Pam and I are also the primary staff for two cats – Brooke and Rascal.


If someone wanted to start a conversation with you that would immediately get your interest, what would some of the topics be:

Something interesting about themselves, books (especially Science Fiction and Fantasy), helping the poor, almost any super hero in the Marvel or DC universe, understanding the Bible holistically.

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