Richard Dooley

I was raised as a military/preacher's kid and traveled the USA before I can remember. Home is, and will always be, Mercer County, WV. I am married to my closest friend and consider myself to be blessed better than most. I never avoid working hard but I do enjoy doing nothing. I act like I know a lot more about something than I actually do and I wouldn't trade my life for any other. . . . 


Full name: 

Richard D. Dooley


But please call me:



My Description of what I do at FUMC:

Cameras, Lights, Sounds, Computers


Birthdate and Day of the Week I was born:

Thursday - April 26


Family facts:

I live in my immediate household with my high school sweetheart and wife, Kathy, and my 4-legged daughter, Ginger. We are fortunate to get to live near, and be part of Princeton FUMC with, my daughter, grand-daughter, son-in-law, mother-in-law & father-in-law.


Favorite music:

Pop, Rock, Traditional, Jazz, Trop Rock, Caribbean/Reggae


Favorite Bible verse:

Hard to pick; I like most of them, but some of those commandments are a little tough to live with 🙂


What I love to do in my spare time:

Grandpa, travel, treasure hunt, photography, try to play the guitar, garden, build something, eat at favorite places.


Favorite place to eat:

Texas Steak House, Campestre, Razoo’s (Concord, NC), Mello Mushroom, (Ashville, NC), Angelo’s Steak & Pasta (Myrtle Beach, SC), El Meson de Pepe (Key West, FL), Royal House Oyster Bar (New Orleans, LA)


Best book(s) I’ve recently read:

Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule, by Loyal Jones & Billy Edd Wheeler


One way folks can pray for me is:

For God’s guidance in balancing my time between this job and the other activities in my life.

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