Jordan Stadvec

Full name: 

Jordan Stadvec


What you prefer to be called:



Job Title:

Director of Music Ministries


When did you start at First UMC:



What are the main things you do at FUMC:

I provide music for worship through the organ, piano and directing the Chancel Choir.


Who are the key volunteers that you work with on a regular basis:

I work with the Chancel Choir members.


Tell us about your family:

My family is typically southern. We are all very close and love spending time together. Of course, my favorite family member is my two year old nephew, Dawson.


If someone wanted to start a conversation with you that would immediately get your interest, what would some of the topics be:hat I love to do in my spare time:

I love to talk about philosophy and ideas. Also, an obvious choice would be music!

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