2017 Winter Bible Study

Our next Bible Study for Adults will begin on January 11 and run for approximately 12 weeks. We meet in Schell Hall from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm.


The topic on this study will be a book by Rev. Morgan Guyton, “How Jesus Saves the World from Us.”
Christianity has always been about being saved. But what Christians need saving from most today is the toxic understandings and behaviors we ourselves have been practicing! We have become precisely what Jesus came to stop us from being.


This is a book for Christians who are troubled by what we’ve become and who want Jesus to save us from the toxic behaviors and attitudes we’ve embraced. Offering antidotes for these toxic behaviors, such as “Worship, Not Performance” and “Solidarity, No Sanctimony,” Morgan Guyton explains and offers biblical basis for how we can better participate in God’s redemptive work.


There are many reasons to lose hope about the state of our world and our church, but Guyton offer one piece of good news: Jesus is saving the world from us, one Christian at a time.


Please join us for this study as we examine how the Bible teaches us “How We Love God,” “How We Love People,” “How We Gain Pure Hearts,” “How We Gain Holy Bodies,” “How We Live by Truth,” “How We Read the Bible,” “How We Teach Doctrine,” “How We Use Sacred Space and Time,” “How We Respond to Sin,” “How We Take Sides in Conflict,” “How We Follow our Shepherd,” and “How We Grow as the Body of Christ.”


If you have never taken part in one of our Wednesday evening studies, this is a great one! If it has been a while since you’ve made the commitment to be a part of a weekly study group – this is a better than good time to do it again!


Please contact the Church Office if you intend to be a part of the study so that we can order you a book! Thanks!!

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